Thursday, February 27, 2014


Nothing guarantees a fair day like a sweet soundtrack that starts off with Alison Sudol's impeccably soothing vocals intervened by a Black Keys ,circa Brothers, number - a certain pick-me-upper. Allow the Doe Paoro ballad to ease you in between then look forward to the promising hymn of soul-stress Laura Mvula. Introduce some cinnamon latte to cap off the easy listening. <3

She blooms in the afternoon by Sofia Cope on Grooveshark


The times are easing towards a love and aesthetic for authenticity. Suddenly, the hair is best looked unwashed, looking a little off will get you somewhere (take it from Alexa Chung) and over photoshopping has nothing on your most natural beam. Forget that pout, better to blithely stick your tongue out. Imperfection is winsome, love, and realness is ruling.

Photos by Julo Cope
Cheddar Quejada
Dandi Del Carmen of The Dame's Closet


It's just causing too much good feels knowing there's a growing number of you out there strutting our stuff. We're nothing short of humbled! It may not show but with every tag on Instagram, we get all jumpy looking at them purdy shots of you with a VLM piece so please, please keep 'em coming, loves! We find it ratifying too that, whether one's #instafamous or the other's a regular cool girl, y'all seem to have one thing in common. Can't point that out yet but what we know for sure is you gals and guys are something else! 

Thank you everybody for sharing your photos! Keep it rad. You know who you are. x

 And just for kicks ...

dressing up can help you weed out friends and more

We happened upon a great article on College Fashion, 25 Reasons Why You Should Dress Up Every Day, by CF editor Zephyr. And because it was one heck of a read we had to share 8 of our favorites from the list.

Dress up...

1. Because even if you live in an “unstylish” city & are scared to dress up, cities don’t become stylish without someone going first. I know it sounds cheesy, but be the change you want to see in the world. Everyone else can follow your fabulous lead.

2. Because dressing up helps you weed out friends who don’t love you for you. If they have a problem with the way you dress, they’re not the kind of friends you want around.

3. Because cute clothes and accessories are a great conversation starter. Wear something fabulous and people will ask you where you got it.

4. Because dressing up helps you make fashion mistakes and get past them. Mistakes happen to everyone and that’s how you learn what not to do – get them out of the way now!

5. Because fashion is one of the rare instances where art comes alive. What artistic statement do you want to make?

6. Because glamour isn’t only reserved for the rich and famous, even though maybe they’d like you to believe it is.

7. Because nothing beats the rush you feel when you look in the mirror and LOVE what you see.

8. Because you want to. That’s the only reason that matters.